Remodel kitchen on a budget

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The average kitchen renovation runs between about $20,000-$50,000 and a full-scale remodel with custom cabinets, granite counters, and high-end appliances can come to $30,000 or more depending on how serious an overhaul it is. But you really can get more bang for less buck if you take down a few tips from the experts on ways to save money during a kitchen remodel.

If you’re a homeowner with big kitchen dreams and a small budget, your heart is probably sinking as you read these numbers. But don’t give up hope yet! There are a lot of ways to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget. With the right combination of patience, creativity, and elbow grease, you can make a big impact in your kitchen for a few thousand bucks – or even a few hundred.

Begin with the reality of budgeting for kitchen remodels: Kitchens are always one of the most expensive areas of the home to remodel. Upgrades to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and even small bathrooms pale in comparison to the price of remodeling a kitchen. The good news is that a budget kitchen remodel is possible relative to the average cost of other kitchen remodels.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These kitchen remodel ideas prove that a big budget isn’t necessary to make a dramatic improvement. Whether you want to renovate a small space or add function to a galley kitchen, these easy, affordable updates will help you get a kitchen you love.


  • Refresh Cabinets. Don’t replace them.

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New kitchen cabinets are invariably expensive and contrary to the entire notion of a budget kitchen remodel. In general, all tear-out-and-replace projects are much more expensive than projects that keep a majority of the materials, and cabinetry is a prime example.  It is also more eco-friendly to avoid landfilling tons of flooring, glass, laminates, plastics, and other materials that take centuries to degrade. There are several good options that won’t require new kitchen cabinetry:

One way to limit the use of expensive wall cabinets is to install some open shelving. Result: an airy feel, almost like that of a commercial kitchen.


  • Light it well


Bringing in more and better lighting is a smart move in any renovation, but that’s especially true in the kitchen. Hang well-designed pendants for style and light, and make sure overhead lighting is bright and concentrated in areas where the cook will be working. Don’t forget the details: adding under-cabinet lighting won’t bust your budget but will make a big impact.


  • Keep Plumbing Where It Is 

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Another reason to work with a designer on your kitchen renovation: using the existing piping and utility layout will save you big bucks. Justin Riordan says it costs about $5,000 each time you move appliances like a dishwasher, sink or a gas stove. 

  • Scratch and Dent Can Be Your Friend 

If you have an area Habitat for Humanity ReStore, make sure you check it out for anything you might be using in your remodel. Ask around locally about other similar reuse places where contractors and builders donate or sell their overstock at a discount. 

  • Paint the Floor

If you have an old wood floor or have pulled up your old flooring only to find subflooring (rather than the beautiful hardwoods you were hoping for), try paint. It might seem a shame to paint wood floors. But professional refinishing can cost as much as $2,000, while painting costs $200 — or less, depending on the size of your floor. That makes it one of the most budget-friendly kitchen updates you can do. For the most durable results, use polyurethane-based porch and floor enamel.


  • Stencil Tiles


Tearing out old tile and replacing it with new can get expensive. To free up some serious room in your budget, just paint it. Tile stencils are easy to find online, and it only takes a little prep-work to get your tiles ready. You’ll be done in less time than it would take to pry half the old tiles off the wall.

CCS Remodeling Company believes that a kitchen remodel done on a budget can add value to your home. According to HGTV, most homeowners get back 90% to 100% of what they spend on a kitchen remodel when they sell the house. That means if you do that same project for half the cost, you can actually double your investment. Savings today plus returns tomorrow – that’s a win-win. Trust CCS Remodeling for your kitchen renovation within your budget!